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The key to your relationships - Self Love

There are certain times of year, particularly around holidays, we tend to assess our relationships with others. Many of us are unaware or forget a simple fact - your relationships mirror your internal landscape. Whatever's going on inside, will show up on the outside - especially in relationships with those closest to you. The Universe aligns us with people who mirror back to us the harmony or lack of, that we’ve created within ourselves. If there are areas of healing needed we will meet people who magnify these areas and force us to deal with them straight on. There are no exceptions and the Universe makes no mistakes. This is known as the Law of Attraction and you can use it to help yourself heal. However, all to often, we tend to repeat patterns, and these patterns do not serve our higher purpose. That’s why relationships tend to be some of our greatest spiritual assignments.

Here is a list of questions to ask yourself. Which of these brings light to things you need to focus on to increase your self love?

Do you love yourself unconditionally, despite any flaws you might see?
Have you eliminated self criticism?
Are you kind and gentle with yourself?
Do you praise yourself daily?
Do you acknowledge your efforts instead of focusing on whether you win or lose?
Have you given up worrying?
Do you trust yourself completely and have confidence in your ability to cope with whatever comes in life?
Are you willing and able to forgive yourself for whatever issues you’re still holding onto?
Are you truthful to yourself about your emotions, feelings, and thoughts?
Are you committed to your spiritual growth, seeking peace, harmony, contentment, and compassion for yourself and others?
Do you feel a sense of gratitude for your strengths and gifts?
Do you visualize and nurture your dreams?
Do you take steps to improve your self-confidence?
Do you take time to relax, re-create yourself, and nourish your Soul?
Do you take time to do things that are fun and joyful?
Do you nurture your physical body with loving care, nourishing food, plenty of water, plenty of rest, and other essentials for good health?
Do you notice the beauty within you and around you every day?

Now, what areas do you need to focus on to bring in more self love? What can you start doing TODAY to help yourself and your relationships?

Self care is not is essential to our survival. It is essential to the survival of your relationships. Don't just survive - thrive!

Here's a video on self care I did a while back, check it out!

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