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10 Reasons to have a Salt Lamp

While it seems like the latest fad, Himalayan Salt Lamps have become popular for many reasons. Himalayan salt comes from a time when the Earth was pristine. Every salt crystal is pure, chemical-free and contains no impurities from environmental pollution. This unique salt has one of the world's highest elemental concentrations: 84 minerals and trace elements - the same nutritional elements that our bodies require. Himalayan Salt Lamps have three natural attributes: Air Purification, Ionization, and Ambient Stabilization, but there are many reasons to have them.

Salt lamps draw airbourne water molecules that can carry pollutants, purifying the air we breathe while reducing humidity. When heated, salt lamps also release negative ions, which are known to clear the air from pollen, mold spores, and dust. These negative ions also help offset harmful positive ions released from electromagnetic fields. When lit, them emit a warm, amber glow that belongs to the same color spectrum as a sunset - calming the nid and soothing the senses.


1. Cleanse and deodorize the air

2. Reduce allergy andasthma symptoms

3. Ease coughing

4. Increase energy levels

5. Neutralize electromagnetic radiation

6. Better sleep

7. Improve mood and concentration

8. Treat seasonal affective disorder

9. Reduce static electricity in the air

10. Environmentally friendly light source

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