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5 reasons to make Vision Board

Do you daydream about the many changes in your life you'd like to see happen in 2019? Are you revisiting how your 2018 is wrapping up and wondering what happened? In the past, have you struggled to make the necessary changes to create the impact you need on your health, wealth, relationships, and/or career? If you answered, yes to any of these questions, you'll want to read on. It is time to create a vision board. A vision board is a powerful tool you can use to create the life of your dreams. It helps you narrow down your desires through the power of choice. This tool helps you invest the time and energy to visualize your future and consistently remind you of those life goals and dreams.

It's not just hocus pocus, either. The Law of Attraction is a powerful, universal law, that provides the opportunity to shape our lives and attract our deepest, greatest desires.

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. – Albert Einstein

The Law of Attraction has been utilized and followed throughout the ages by hundreds of sages from the teachings of Buddha and Jesus, to modern thought leaders such as Oprah and Wayne Dyer.

Here are five reasons why you need to create a vision board in 2019.

1. Vision Boards make you focus on what you REALLY want.

Creating a vision board forces you to make the time to sit and REALLY think about what it is you want from life. I’m sure you think about the things you want a lot, but do you put in on paper...or even better in picture?

2. They help you get UNSTUCK.

If you create a vision board, focus on it daily and feel what it is like to have those things in your life - you are changing your thought process. By changing your thought process you can change old "bad" habits more effectively and with greater ease.

3. It gives you a visual reminder.

Pictures can be more powerful than words. When you look at and see what you want, it becomes imprinted in your mind, as if you already have it.

4. You will FEEL the emotion of what it's like to have what you want.

As you look at the pictures of what you want daily, your body and mind responds by creating emotion around the vision. You pretend what if FEELS like to have that new job, for example, and by doing so you are using the Law of Attraction to bring it to you.

5. They are FUN!

Remember arts and crafts time back in elementary school? This is your grown-up version with all the fun and less mess. After finding words, images and ideas that inspire you, they are cut out and pasted on a board. This board becomes your daily artistic inspiration for your hopes and dreams. It's all YOU!

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