Our Mission

Soul Restoration provides sanctuary for the tired soul seeking refuge from the everyday stressors of life.  Providing a soothing, retreat-like atmosphere, Soul Restoration is a place where the individual can relax, recharge and reconnect their daily lives to their true purpose through a wide range of holistic offerings.

True Wellness

Wellness, in its optimal form is all encompassing: physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social and environmental.  When we care for each of these, our mind, body and spirit finds harmony.  Soul Restoration recognizes this and approaches it with compassion and connection.

The Future

It is a vision of Soul Restoration, that in the future, individuals will take control of their own wellness and health by choosing natural, holistic options.  For millennia, people used earthly resources, readily available for their medicine, as part of day-to-day life.  To move forward in progress, we must remember what we once knew as the key to our well-being.

After working over a decade in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, I discovered my passion for helping others.  This passion evolved into my mission to educate people to take control of their health and wellness with the aid of natural, holistic options.  In 2012, I started this transformation with a certificate in wellness coaching.  As a mother of two wonderful children, their health and well-being was equally important to me, so I became a wellness advocate for essential oils and began to makeover my medicine cabinet with natural alternatives.  Reiki entered my life path around the same time and I have practiced and studied this healing technique through the mastery level.  Helping others discover their path to wholeness is my life's purpose and I do so with connection, compassion and encouragement.  These values gave birth to the vision of Soul Restoration, a wellness center built on a foundation of natural, holistic wellness.
Jennifer Krawcyk
Managing Partner
Wellness Coach
Reiki Master